Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivational Monday #5

Good morning to you all on this glorious Monday morning! I hope you all had a relaxing and productive weekend and are now ready to start the week off on a positive note. I will firstly apologise for not posting anything this past week and I know you always hear excuses from other bloggers for their lack of posts or time away from their blogs, but this week has been crazy with school work, as I have had 3 papers due. I continuously trying to post some content for you so that you can all have something to read, however it always feels like it inconsistent, but instead of rambling to you now I will be writing into more depth in my Sundays update post, so stay tuned for that one!

As usual it is another motivational Monday post and today I have chosen two images that connect with one another to express a similar message!

(Thank you to Pinterest for the inspirational images!) 

I always sit in front of my laptop screen at my desk with the curser ticking, always wondering how to start these posts. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge and I always know what I want to say, but I am unsure of how to express it. 

So what I trying to say, is that you should not let anyone tell you that you should not do something, because your heart loves and is passionate about it, because it certainly makes your mood change into feeling down and negative, and that it is an impossible opportunity to achieve. When really anything is possible when you put your mind to it! For me personally it makes me want to do it even more to prove them wrong and I have been told recently and over the past couple of years that I should not move to another country to live and I should stay where I am. I am originally from Britain, now living in Australia and have already experienced emigrating at a reasonably young age, so it makes me eager to continue to do so and capture the worlds variety of cultures and traditions. (There is just to much to see, to stay in one place!) It would be a dream come true if I am able to move to London or The United States in the future, which is why I am going to do anything that I can to make it happen to show not only other people that have told me different, but myself and that if you put your mind and heart to something that you passionate about then you should not be stopped! The best part is that if you fail, you have learn't from your mistakes. If someone tells you no to begin with then you will never get the chance. 

I see the people who are constantly negative about other peoples dreams and ambitions, to be quite negative in their own life because they don't want to see you succeed. Everyone has their own story and should continue to do what their soul and heat loves and nobody should have the right to say different. Now I am not saying no one can have an opinion, because we always need advice but to say 'no' to someone is not acceptable. 

So I hope this post wasn't to deep for you : ) I absolutely love writing these posts, because I can express all of my opinions and feelings with you all as I usually a quiet person and do say what I believe! 

Molly xo 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Midi Skirts

One// Two// Three// Four// Five// Six// 

The look of the midi skirt is definitely a style that I want to start wearing more often, as you can create an elegant night out look with a pair of sparkly heels or dress it down with a pair of flats and tee. One style skirt can create a million different outfits that can be mixed and matched with different accessories, shoes and tops to create a thought out outfit. I must admit that I am afraid that the style of skirt will either make me look 'chubby' and smaller than I actually am, but if you design it to the advantage of your body shape then you will always have a go-to outfit! These are some of styles that I adore and wanted to show you how versatile the garment can be and I have spotted some very nice ones in stores that I currently have my eye on and may possibly purchase!

Molly xo 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Fashion Loves!

I thought it would be nice to share with you all some of my favourite spring time outfits or pieces that I simply adores and someday wish to own very similar pieces in my very own closet, so that I can create these gorgeous outfits! (One day it may happen!) All of the outfits range in style, colour and trend, so there may well be a picture that you like as well - you never know! Also if any of you know where to buy any of the clothing items in these pictures online, then please let me know in the comment section below, so I can slowly start to build my collection!

(Thank you to Pinterest for these images and they can all be found on my spring & summer fashion board here!)

Molly xo 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get ready with me: Going out!

 Today I thought it would be nice to share with you what makeup I tend to wear when I am heading out the door for a nice meal out with some friends or family! I always like to try and look my best and make the most of going out somewhere, (because it doesn’t happen often), so by bringing out my ‘nicer makeup’, which is what I wear for special occasions can really spruce up an outfit to look very glamorous.

Foundation: I finally caved and bought my very own bottle of the Chanel Vitalumiere AquaFoundation and couldn't be any happier with the results. It is a light cover foundation that is buildable in cover and gives a super natural finish. (This product can be found on Boots UK, however the site was down when i tried to search the link so i have provide you with the actual Chanel website!) 

Rimmel LondonApocalips: This beautiful red lip-gloss in the colour Big Bang is absolutely stunning and is glossy on the lips. It is the mixture of both a lipstick and gloss, which just attract anyone to your statement lips. This product is exceptional and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more colours. If any of you have tried any other colours please let me know in the comments below what you recommend!

RimmelScandal Eyes Flex: This mascara enhances your lashes leaving them soft and flexible. It builds a dark colour and is best paired with the Maybelline Great lash Mascara on the lower lashes. As I have quite small eyes, I tend to find that if I make them really dark it does not suit my face, so by having a lighter mascara on the lower lashes is a lot more effective and appealing, and does not make me look evil and gothic. 

Rimmel Ilove lasting finish- Double Decker Red: This nail polish is gorgeous to partner with the red lip and creates a classic, but elegant look. The only down side with this formula is that it does tend to chip very easily, so if anyone recommends a good base and top coat that doesn’t make your nails go thick then please let me know!

As for the remaining products, I recently spoke about them in my current makeup routine, which can be found here, if you wanted to have a browse. So I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love it if you all leave a comment down below as to whether or not you bring out some of your special beauty products for when you are going out and what some of them might be?

Have a wonderful day and I will speak to you very soon!
Molly xo

Monday, March 17, 2014

Motivational Monday #4

Happy Monday to you all and I hope you all had a delightful weekend are now ready to face the week ahead!

Thanks to Pinterest for the image! 

Whenever you try to do something or go somewhere and it does not work out can be extremely frustrating at the time, deep down the bad or mistaken things that happen in our lives, lead us onto bigger and more inspiring things. So when you feel like your whole world is crumbling down around you, take a step back to think this isn’t working or it just simply wasn’t meant to be and something incredible will come back in return.

I tend to put this quote into similar words that go along the lines of: Things always happen for a reason, whether they are good or bad, frightening or happy, our lives direct us into a certain path.

So I hope you realise that not everything that you want to happen will happen, it will send you in a complete different direction – hopefully for the best!

Molly xo 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lemon Cheesecake

For a very irresistible recipe, I am sharing with you the very classic Lemon Cheesecake and let me tell you it is an ultimate favourite in my household, as I am sure it would be in yours. To get it pretty perfect it is a lengthy process of leaving in the refrigerator for long hours, however the result is incredibly scrumptious. This is a very classic flavour of a cheesecake, but I will look into making more flavours down the track, as I know someone in my house will eat it.


So without any further ado, here the recipe for the ultimate lemon cheesecake:

200g plain biscuits
125g butter, melted
500g cream cheese, softened
½ cup caster sugar
2tbstp lemon zest + more for serving
2 eggs
Whipped cream, to serve

Lemon Curd
2tbsp lemon zest
¼ cup lemon juice
½ caster sugar
40g butter, chopped and softened
2 egg yolks, lightly whisked

1.      Preheat the oven to 180-degrees or 160-fan. Grease a 20cm spring form cake tin.
2.     Pulse biscuits in a food processor until finely chopped. Transfer to a bowl and add the melted butter. Stir until combined. Spoon the mixture into the prepared cake tin and press evenly on to the base and sides. Cool in the fridge for at least 30-45 minutes.
3.     In a medium sized bowl, combine the cream cheese, sugar and lemon zest with an electric mixer until smooth. You can also use a stand mixer if required. Add the eggs 1 at a time, beating well after each addition, until just combined. Pour mixture into tin and place on to a baking tray. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until just set in the centre.
4.     Turn oven off once cooked and leave in the oven with the door ajar for a couple of hours or until the oven is completely cool.
5.     Chill in the fridge for 2 hours or until set.
6.     For the lemon curd, combine lemon zest, juice, sugar, butter and eggs into a saucepan over low heat. Cook, stirring for 5-10 minutes or until the mixture thickens. Strain through a fine sieve onto a dinner plate or flat tray. (This helps the lemon curd cool more quickly)
7.     Pour curd over cheesecake and chill in the fridge until set. (This process by be required to be done over night or early in the morning ready for serving.)
8.     Serve cheesecake with whipped cream and extra lemon zest.

So I hope you enjoyed this recipe and make sure that you give it a whirl and tweet me a picture! Have a fantastic Friday, because it is the weekend!
Molly xo

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Links I am loving: Treasure & Travels Blog

I am slowly starting to plan and write out a blogging schedule that is going to suit me best when we get closer to the middle of the year and everything begins to get crazy, with the amount you have to do! It is also going to help to know what content I have to write for the next day, which is why I have decided to associate certain days with particular topics, for example - Motivational Monday. As I said this will not only maker it easier for me, but it will allow you to see when I am posting in an area that interests you the most, so you can just come over to my blog on that day and give it a read. As this is probably making no sense at this current moment, I also plan on writing an update post soon explaining about the different days, so that you are fully aware.

Anyway, as I am forever browsing the inter web for new blogs to read, to follow on my Bloglovin page or just simply gain inspiration from, I have recently come across this beautiful blog called Treasure & Travels! It is a lifestyle, beauty, style, cooking and DIY blog that is mushed together of all of these categories to create a wonderful masterpiece, by 3 creative and beautiful girls! So instead of me sitting here, rambling on about how well it is presented and how amazing each photograph is, I have put together a series of photos from their blog that I have just fallen in love and wanted to share with you all. Please head on over to their blog to show your support and browse their posts and follow their social media links, because I am sure that if you have a similar taste to me then you will fall into heaven after seeing this blog!

*DISCLAIMER: All of these images below are from the girls blog, I have not taken any of these images myself! 

Molly xo

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Current Makeup Routine

When I have found a collection of makeup that I am happy with I tend to stick with it for a while, because it is easy and accessible when it comes to running around for school or just on a general day to day basis. So I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to show you what I am currently loving when it comes to my ‘Everyday Makeup Routine’!

Firstly, here is a little background information on my skin! I have combination skin, so in certain parts (particularly the T zone) of my face can usually get quite oily, however if I am breaking out because of the lovely hormones women are given, then those areas tend to dry out quote quickly. So I tend to have a range of products that cover all skin types! 

Foundation: For me foundation can be quite a tricky process of firstly finding the right formula and shade for my skin tone. As I said, when I find a product that I am loving then I will stay with it for a while and repurchase it a couple of times. However, as there are so many new products on the market, I am always eager into trying out different ones. But I am always sceptical on trying new foundations, because as I have previously had quite serious breakouts, the scars are still on my skin (they have gone down considerably, I am not trying to make it sound super serious at all!) but I have recently come across the love for Models Prefer foundation in shade 1211 Ivory, which has a natural matte finish after the application and is medium to full cover. I am more than happy to go into more depth in a separate review if that is something that you would all like to read?

Concealer: For me concealer is one of the most challenging products for me in the line of makeup. Once I have applied the foundation, it is hard to conceal areas on my face without making them to dark, make the dry areas stand out or create a thick over layer. So for me I have been loving the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and I have written about it in much more detail over on another blog post I did last week here! So for more information on that, head on over and give it a read. Just a little side note for you all I apply both my foundation with the Real Techniques Buffing brush or Expert Face brush, which by far are my favourite makeup brushes as well. 

Powder: One Heck of a Blot Powder by Soap & Glory is hands down an absolute miracle and has to be my favourite face powders ever! Once applying your foundation and/or concealer it absolutely changes the look of your skin with a few swatches of the powder, which I use the Real Techniques Powder Brush for. Once again I am going to do a review on this product when I have used for a little longer and can tell you my whole opinion on it. 

Blusher: The Sleek Lace Blusher (unfortunately I cannot find this product online, but I am sure it will be in a beauty store somewhere!) is my go to blusher and I won’t go into to much detail about it here because I did a separate review about it here. All I have to say is that it contains three gorgeous colours that are so natural looking and brighten up your skin in a second. 

Bronzer: Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre, is the classic chocolate block bronzer that is absolutely stunning and glows your face perfectly. I do find that you need very little on your brush otherwise you will have a very dark defined bronzed look.

Mascara: Mascara has to be one of my favourite makeup products to experiment with, because there are always new brands launching different, formulas and styles. I must admit I always have over a handful of tubes on the go. (*Guilty) Great Lash by Maybelline is amazing for lengthening your lashes whilst still keeping them minimum in darkness, so that they do not over power your eyes. (That is personally how I see it, as my eyes are quite small! haha)

Eyebrow pencil: I don’t usually fill in my eyebrows on a day to day basis for school, because to be honest I have not found the right product for making them look natural, not to dark and over the top. However, I do like to use the mini brush on the end of this Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil, because it is perfect for shaping and grooming them. (If that is even a thing?)

If you all wouldn't mind leaving a comment down below of what is in you current makeup routine or your Top 3 products, so that I can get some ideas of future products to try out. I would love to hear your opinions and any recommendations! Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for my next post very soon! 

Molly xo